Endore (Part Deux of the Prologue)

So yeah, I've been whittling away at another chapter. Ta-dah! Still not sure what kind of format this is going to take. Like, for instance, I'm toying with the idea of jumping right in at Four years later and then doing interludes of stuff that happens in the past... maybe. I 'unno.





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Lawl. This was hard to write. Don't even know if I like it. :| Burgh. Characters might be slightly OOC since I'm don't have to write them for an YA Book audience... ie, Gale says fuck and Damn... alot.

:) Sorry.

Google the french, if your interested in a translation. Suffice to say, Madge has quite the mouth on her too.

Anyways, setting the tone though. Since they're going to be at each others throats for a while.

Also; I've the title to Wrong, in all the Right Ways. :)

Crappily proof-read, if I ever decide to post this fic to, I'll clean it up. Promise.





Just the way it is

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three.. Is this thing on?

So... Since my computer ragequitted and decided to eat my half-way complete Chapter Nine of S&pII and all my plots notes and such like.... I've sort of been slow to re-write, but while whittling away at that, I also wrote the prologue for another Madge/Gale story I'm toying with. Not sure If I'm going to continue or not. If I do, it'll be quite a bit more darker and decidedly more adult than some of my other Hunger Games work. Ie; Themes of Alcoholism, Addiction, Sex, Death, Swearing.... etc.

The Basic Plot synopsis at the moment is  that Gale, feeling indebted to Madge because of the Morphling she gave him, ends up saving her (and by saving I mean dragging her kicking and screaming from her house just as the bombs hit it), forcing her to leave her parents behind, something for which she despises him.

Fast forward four years, Katniss has got Peeta back, the war is still on, all the cool characters are not dead and everything is pretty hunky dory... well aside from the fact that Captain Hawthorne is a womanising closet alcoholic, with PTSD and Madge, a recovering morphling addict, is a pilot for the aircorps.

It will feature first person, Madge, Gale (I've never written Gale first person, so I'm freaking out) and eventually Katniss and possibly Peeta.

The working title is; Resilience
Disregard that, I've changed it to

"Wrong, in all the Right Ways."
Yeh. I just downloaded Pinks new single.

And here is Part I of the Prologue.


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A/n: Very Poorly proofread, as you can probably see.

Chapter title song © Avenged Sevenfold

Thoughts? Intriguing? Crappy. OOC? Would you like to see it continued?

ten million points from Gryffindor

Original work - Untitled as of yet.

Eh. So I was trawling through my magic computer box, and wow, I totally forgot I wrote this. I can barely remember the plot, but I think I was going for a sort of gritty star-crossed lovers tragedy/fantasy/fucktone of swearing uh thing. I dunno, didn't get far - suprise. But yeah, I really like it actually. Not particularly proof read, partially inspired by Arthurian ledgend (totes blatantly plagiarized Avalon for instance), in my mind thia is set in the same fantasy 'verse as Falselight (another original project that has just stalled).. so uh, yeah, thought I'd post it.

Spelling/gramatical errors abound. Ye be warned.


Synopsis; In a realm where Magic is punishable by death, Rhose had hoped to keep her secret gift a little more, well secret. Accidentally setting the crown prince on fire, she discovers, is probably not the best way to go about this...



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lol, Just realised Gram-gram sounds like a feegle  (c) T.Pratchett.

There is a part two.
for narnia (POTC)

S&P, II (Chapter Eight) She's a Genius

Disclaimer: Yeah, I own the Hunger Games, LOL jks.

Of Strawberries and Painkillers, II

Chapter Eight

She's a Genius


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A/n: Lol. She set his jacket on fire.

Yeah. I dunno. I hadn't meant to write this. And am actually about halfway through what was supposed to be chapter eight (now nine) when I started on this. I was supposed to skip to the interviews (as said in the last chapters authors note – I'm a liar I know), and then for shits and giggles I went back and read Of Strawberries and Painkillers I, and realised I really wanted this scene in here. I dunno. I just thought it was funny. I added some stuff, and I really want some Gale/Madge one on one time, to built up the potential there. Seeing as there's a major conflict in the works.